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Your resource for finding Highland Games and Festivals, Scottish heritage societies or clan organizations!


We are simply a community calendar and education website. We have no affiliation with any specific event and unfortunately can’t answer these types of questions. You must always contact the event directly with any questions or comments. Each event has a website listed under their “details” within the calendar. That’s always a good place to start in terms in finding their contact information. 

There are two ways to submit an event. 

  1. You can submit an event to the Event Calendar by filling out your event information here:

  2. Or you can submit an event to the International Directory here:

The Event Calendar is a calendar of events listed chronologically by month. The only events listed in the calendar are the ones that currently have an upcoming event scheduled that has been confirmed.

The International Directory is more like a “white pages” and is simply a listing of events categorized by location. There are no dates.

While we try to add upcoming scheduled events to the Event Calendar as much as possible, it’s not necessarily the most comprehensive listing as the event closest to you may have already passed or simply hasn’t confirmed their upcoming dates yet. So if you’re looking for an event near you regardless of what time of year it is, the International Directory is your best bet.

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