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With the surging popularity of DNA tests and family tree services, more and more people are discovering their Scottish ancestry! There is no better place to commune and have fun with other Scots than one of the many Highland Games and/or Festivals around the globe.

Whether you’re looking to watch one of the many athletic events or you’re simply looking to enjoy whisky tastings, pipe bands, Scottish food, music, jewelry, clothing and dancing…these events have something for everyone! You can also discover your Highland clan connections at one of the many booths on Clan Row.

Find an event by searching our ever growing event calendar!

Slàinte Mhath!

~Genesis Keefer, FSA Scot
Creator of HighlandGamesandFestivals.com

Calendar of Events

Whether it be a Highland game or festival, a Robert Burns supper, a whisky tasting or even a local Ceilidh, you can view our calendar of scheduled events to find something fun near you! 


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