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Athlete Spotlight: Meagan McKee – 4X World Champion

For those of you in the athletic division of the Highland Games, then this lady needs no introduction! For everyone else, let me introduce you!

Meet Meagan McKee, your 4x consecutive (and current) Women’s Scottish Highland Games World Champion! Meagan hails from San Jose, California. By day she’s a High School Social Studies teacher, but in her spare time she has been killing it on the fields of the Scottish Highland Games for the past 10 years. It should come to no surprise as her dad, Ron McKee, was also an accomplished professional Highland Games athlete and 2x Master’s World Champion. It’s clearly in the DNA!

Meagan’s favorite events are the hammer throw and caber toss. She currently holds two world records: One in the Light Hammer at 121’4” and the other for the Heavy Hammer at 101’11”. Wowza!

Be sure to give her a follow on Instagram and cheer her on if you see her on the fields at your next Highland Games.


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Genesis Moss Keefer

Genesis Moss Keefer

My name is Genesis, and I'm an American of Scottish descent. I am also the creator of and the host of the Celebrating Scotland podcast! Like most of you, I have a passion for my Scottish heritage and ancestral history. When not traveling to different Highland Games and Festivals across southern California, you can usually find me listening to bagpipes and drinking Guinness. I have a Master's degree in Scottish Heritage from the University of Aberdeen in addition to being a Fellow with the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. I am also a member of the Scottish American Athletics Association in addition to Scottish Heritage USA, and the Clan Campbell Society of North America.
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